How to Apply for 18/16 years Degree (M.Phil/M.Sc) Equavalent Certificate

Muhammad Ibrar
Procedure to apply for 18/16  years Degree (M.Phil/M.Sc) Equavalent  Certificate
  1. Attach DMC form, You can download this form from this link
  2.  Attach challan of Rs. 500/-. Online Challan from LMS/UAMS student account can be generated and fee can be paid in any online branch of HBL. If online generated challan is not available, then challan available at HBL, UET, Lahore branch can be used (challan account No. 01287902801499)
  3. Attach copy of final DMC.
  4. Apply in Examinations Branch window number 1.
Official time for 18/16 M.Phil/M.Sc years Degree Equavalent Certificate is 3 working days.