How teachers can change I grade previously assigned manually to students

(Interum Grade) In case of Incomplete Result

Almas Arshad


  • Registered user must have a Role of Teacher.
    • First contact your coordinator to make sure if he has assigned you a logn ID and password.
    • Second, If he will unable to assist, Please email us at for coordinator access with CC department Chairmen.
  • Browser (Mozilla or Chrome) should be installed on you PC/Laptop.
    • In Windows, Mozilla can be accessed by clicking Menu Start-> All Programs -> Mozilla Firfox.
    • InWIndows, Chorme can be accessed by clikcing Menu Start -> All Programs -> Google Chrome.
  • PC/Laptop must be connected with Internet.
  • Type the url ( in address bar in one of your favorute browser.
    • If you dont know how ot open url in browser then see the post 'How to open UET LMS in Browser.'
  • Login with your user name and passoword. 
    • If you dont know how to login then please see the post 'How to login in UET LMS?'


I Grades assigned manually in case of incomplete result

Steps to Change I Grade

  • After login to LMS account, user (Teacher) will click on Change I Grade menu. 
  • A new screen will appear (see relevant image 1) and teacher will select appropriate options from dropdown:
    • Department
    • Semester
    • Section 
    • Registration Number (for which student, teacher want to change I grade and replece I grade with actual grade)
    • Assessments
    • Questions
  • After fillig fields teacher will see in the bottom 
    • Total marks of the selected question from the selected Assessment above (See the relevant image 2)
    • Weightage of the selected question from the selected Assessment above.
    • Change Obtaoned Marks: There teacher will enter updated marks of the student to change I grade
  • After filling the whole form teacher will click on Save Changed Marks button and it will be saved and updated in mark sheet 

Note: This can only be done if result is in teacher's account and not sent to controller. If result already sent then teacher will request Examination branch at to reject that result and send it back to teacher's account

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