How teachers can change I grade previously assigned manually to students

(Interum Grade) In case of Incomplete Result

Almas Arshad


  • Registered user must have a Role of Teacher.
    • First contact your coordinator to make sure if he has assigned you a logn ID and password.
    • Second, If he will unable to assist, Please email us at [email protected] for coordinator access with CC department Chairmen.
  • Browser (Mozilla or Chrome) should be installed on you PC/Laptop.
    • In Windows, Mozilla can be accessed by clicking Menu Start-> All Programs -> Mozilla Firfox.
    • InWIndows, Chorme can be accessed by clikcing Menu Start -> All Programs -> Google Chrome.
  • PC/Laptop must be connected with Internet.
  • Type the url ( in address bar in one of your favorute browser.
    • If you dont know how ot open url in browser then see the post 'How to open UET LMS in Browser.'
  • Login with your user name and passoword. 
    • If you dont know how to login then please see the post 'How to login in UET LMS?'


I Grades assigned manually in case of incomplete result

Steps to Change I Grade

  • After login to LMS account, user (Teacher) will click on Change I Grade menu. 
  • A new screen will appear (see relevant image 1) and teacher will select appropriate options from dropdown:
    • Department
    • Semester
    • Section 
    • Registration Number (for which student, teacher want to change I grade and replece I grade with actual grade)
    • Assessments
    • Questions
  • After fillig fields teacher will see in the bottom 
    • Total marks of the selected question from the selected Assessment above (See the relevant image 2)
    • Weightage of the selected question from the selected Assessment above.
    • Change Obtaoned Marks: There teacher will enter updated marks of the student to change I grade
  • After filling the whole form teacher will click on Save Changed Marks button and it will be saved and updated in mark sheet 

Note: This can only be done if result is in teacher's account and not sent to controller. If result already sent then teacher will request Examination branch at [email protected] to reject that result and send it back to teacher's account

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