How to add attendance for a section?

This will explain, how to manage the attendance of the students in a section or class using the UET LMS.

Almas Arshad


  • Registered user must have a Role of Teacher.
    • First contact your department's coordinator.
    • Second, If he will unable to assist, Please email us at [email protected] for teacher access with CC department Coordinator or Chairmen.
  • Browser (Mozilla or Chrome) should be installed on you PC/Laptop.
    • In Windows, Mozilla can be accessed by clicking Menu Start-> All Programs -> Mozilla Firfox.
    • InWIndows, Chorme can be accessed by clikcing Menu Start -> All Programs -> Google Chrome.
  • PC/Laptop must be connected with Internet.
  • Type the url ( in address bar in one of your favorute browser.
    • If you dont know how ot open url in browser then see the post 'How to open UET LMS in Browser.'
  • Login with your user name and passoword. 
    • If you dont know how to login then please see the post 'How to login in UET LMS?'


After login to LMS account, 

Step 1: Teacher will click on "Result Sheet" menu

Step 2: Click on the "Subject Name" of that section/class for which teacher want to mark attendance

Step 3:  Click on Attendance tab below subject description

Step 4: Click on Edit button at top left, Add an Item link will appear under Attendance tab

Step 5: Click on Add an Item link, list of students will appear with checked boxes

Step 6: Select date from calendar for which teacher want to mark attendance 

Step 7: Uncheck those students who are absent that day

Step 8: Click on Save & Close button of pop-up 

(For detailed review read below...)

Menu Selection

  1. After login to LMS account, user (supervisor/teacher) will click on "Result Sheet" menu from sidebar 
  2. List of sections/class assigned to that user will appear
  3. Click on the specific Section Name (not the Result Sheet button) to go to Attendance tab
  4. Find "Attendance" tab at the bottom of the interface (See the relevant image 1)
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Attendance Tab

  • Click on Attendance tab at bottom
  • Click on "Edit" button at top left side of interface
  • Find "Add an Item" link under Attendance tab and click on it (See the relevant image 2)
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Mark Attendance

  • After clicking on Add an Item link at bottom list of students will appear
  • First select the date from calendar for which teacher want to mark class attendance
  • All students are checked, then uncheck square box for those students in the list who are absent on that day 
  • Click on "Save and Close"  button to save changes teacher has made (See the relevant image 3)
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