Course Review Form_Civil

The course objectives were clear *

The course workload was managemable *

The Course was well organized (e.g. timely access to materials, notification of changes, etc.) *

Approximate level of your own attendance during the whole Course *

I participated actively in the Course *

I think I have made progress in this Course *

I think the Course was well structured to achieve the course learning outcomes (there was a good balance of lectures, tutorials, practical etc.) *

The learning and teaching methods encouraged participation. *

The overall environment in the class was conducive to learning. *

Classrooms were satisfactory *

Learning materials (Lesson Plans, Course Notes etc.) were relevant and useful. *

Recommended reading Books etc. were relevant and appropriate *

The provision of learning resources were adequate and appropriate *

The Course stimulated my interest and thought on the subject area *

The pace of the Course was appropriate *

Ideas and concepts were presented clearly *

The method of assessment were reasonable *

Feedback on assessment was timely *

Feedback on assessment was helpful *

I understood the lectures *

The material was well organized and presented *

The instructor was responsive to student needs and problems *

Had the instructor been regular throughout the course? *

The material in the practical was useful *

The demonstrators dealt effectively with my problems. *

The best features of the Course were: *

The Course could have been improved by: *